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Quite simply, The Baldwin Company, under the direction of Wes Baldwin, is the best Public Adjusting Firm. The Baldwin Company, Inc. offers experience, integrity, knowledge – and has the contacts necessary to settle your claim in as timely and fair a manner as possible. Our company brings peace of mind and calm professionalism to your side of the bargaining table, and our work is valued across the country by clients, and by peers.

The Baldwin Company’s experienced team offers both a regional and a nationally-acclaimed professional connection to the intricate world of insurance, meaning the best of all possible worlds for you, our client.

Because of this expertise, many attorneys recommend and rely on The Baldwin Company’s assistance in property-claim settlements. However, The Baldwin Company is not a legal firm – we are professionals in the insurance industry who work on the side of the policyholder rather than the insurance company.

Our experienced team of NC Public Adjusters will save you time and money because we know the exacting demands required to prepare your claim quickly and correctly. The end result is usually a faster, more generous check to you.

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Frozen busted water pipes? Don’t file a ‘flood’ claim

February’s relentless cold temperatures are wreaking havoc on the water pipes and fire-protection sprinklers of commercial enterprises and private homes alike. When the pipes freeze and expand, they tend to burst at the seams, causing costly — and miserable — water damage to the structure and contents of homes and businesses.

For the owners of these properties, a natural response is to pick up the phone and file an insurance claim for damages. But public insurance adjuster Wes Baldwin of Charlotte warns that there is a right way and a wrong way to report a claim: “When people are standing in several inches of water, due to frozen broken water pipes, it’s somewhat natural to…

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Public Insurance Adjuster offers help for hurricane and earthquake victims

Wes Baldwin of The Baldwin Company, Inc, Charlotte NC, gives us a simple tip for helping donate millions to the American Red Cross every time you order a book, some dogfood, or a new headset for your PlayStation

What’s the last thing you ordered from Amazon – an e-book for your Kindle? maybe a DVD? These days, it could just as easily have been a box of cereal or a tube of toothpaste. People are going to Amazon.com for just about anything under the sun – especially if they have Amazon Prime’s free-shipping privileges.

So what does this have to do with helping the victims of recent hurricanes and earthquakes?

Few people realize that you can financially support the American Red Cross every time you order anything from Amazon. All it takes is simply adding a ‘smile’ to your Amazon bookmark, like this: Rather than…

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Hurricane Insurance Claims: Got a hole in your roof? DON’T report a ‘flood’ claim

By Wes Baldwin, The Baldwin Company, Property Loss Consultants

If Irma has punched a hole in the roof of your home or business, you may be tempted to call your insurance agent and tell them it has rained so much that your house is now flooded.


Even if you are standing in your living room in water above your ankles – you need to know that, in the world of property-insurance claims, this is technically not a flood.

The term you want to use when reporting this type of insurance loss to your insurance company is…

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Public Insurance Adjuster Heeds Warning: The Frozen Truth About ‘Flood’ Claims

With winter comes the potential for frozen pipes. When pipes freeze they burst of water it cost property owners dearly. The first thing that comes to many peoples’ minds is to call the insurance provider to report a flood claim. According to one of Charlotte’s best Public Adjusters this can be your worst mistake. Within the industry of insurance the term “flood” holds its own definition. A standard insurance policy usually does not cover flood damages, meaning your claim can be denied. So, what is one to do?

A Pubic Adjuster is your best bet to navigating your insurance policy and filing a successful claim. Remember, insurance companies are not going to make it easy for you to get paid. They would rather keep that money for themselves rather than your repairs. Having an advocate on your side professionally trained and with experience is the best way to file a successful insurance claim for those busted water pipes. It is also the best way to make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner.